Health Innovation Forum

Past Presenters

The following companies were invited for presentation by the Health Innovations Forum Board and advanced to the Council for having a compelling solution.

Behavioral Health/Emotional Well-being

DynamiCare Health

The DynamiCare digital platform guides a person's recovery from addiction by combining a cutting-edge smartphone app, substance testing hardware, positive reinforcement, and a supportive telehealth coach to help guide and motivate people to achieve healthy goals.


Freespira is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven digital therapeutic treatment for individuals suffering from panic disorder, panic attacks, and PTSD. Freespira is drug-free, used at-home, and only takes 4 weeks to complete. More than 85% of people are panic-attack-free immediately post treatment lasting to one year post treatment.


With Ginger, employers can provide their entire population membership with an on-demand behavioral health system comprised of emotional health coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists - all within an experience that people love.

Happify Health

Happify Health is a global behavioral outcomes technology company the combines science-based emotional health interventions with gaming science and state-of-the-art technology. Our technology drives healthcare and business outcomes by empowering people to make positive changes and live their best lives.

Journey Meditation

Journey Meditation works with high-performance organizations such as Facebook, Nike, Disney, Warby Parker, Morgan Stanley, and Viacom to reduce stress and stress-related illness while improving productivity and engagement. They run a Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing Program that has proven results in reducing employee stress and absenteeism and increasing performance and happiness.


Lyra Health

Lyra is transforming mental health care by creating a frictionless experience for members, providers, and employers. Using technology and data, Lyra connects companies and their employees to mental health providers, therapy, and coaching programs that work.


Sibly provides real-time, 24/7 access to empirically trained mental wellness coaches to help employees reach personal goals and overcome stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and emotional issues. Dr. Paula Wilbourne, a thought-leader who served as the Director of Addiction Treatment at the Department of Veterans Affairs, leads the coaching team.



Caregiving Services

Aspire Health

Aspire Health is the nation's leading provider of palliative care services, operating in 14 states and 30 cities. Aspire's team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and chaplains work to provide an extra layer of support to patients facing a serious illness.

Rethink Benefits

Rethink Benefits provides Fortune 1,000 companies with the first and only global caregiver support system, offering 24/7 virtual caregiver teleconsultations with expert behavioral clinicians, and online evidenced-based training and support for families who have children of all ages with learning, social, or behavioral challenges, or developmental disabilities. Rethink helps these employee caregivers increase productivity and decrease the impact of poor mental health related to stress and anxiety of balancing work and life. Rethink also offers the Neurodiversity Inclusion Center, which provides e-learning modules and a clinical support system to focus on the hiring and training of managers and colleagues of the neuro diverse community.


Wellthy is a healthcare concierge. We use dedicated care coordinators and our seamless technology platform to project manage healthcare for families with chronically ill or aging loved ones. Wellthy takes the pain out of caregiving — scheduling appointments, finding specialists, researching treatments, managing insurance, organizing records, communicating with family, and more.

Concierge Services

Quantum Health

Quantum Health is an award-winning care coordination and consumer navigation company serving the needs of self-insured public and private employers across the United States since 1999. With a background in consumer behavior and a deep understanding of how real people experience healthcare, Quantum Health has a proven history of improving the efficiency of clients' benefits plans while maintaining industry-leading satisfaction rates and claims savings.

Zest Health

Zest Health is a technology company creating a better health and benefits experience. Zest Health's Smart Concierge platform simplifies how people navigate and access their healthcare.



Communication and Engagement Platforms


b.well is an integrated solution for employee engagement, health management and cost containment. We serve relevant, personalized recommendations to consumers at the right time through advanced data aggregation and gamification. We empower our customers with data transparency and real-time dashboards, while delivering a cohesive health experience today's consumers are demanding.


Castlight offers a health benefits platform that engages employees to make better healthcare decisions and enables benefit leaders to communicate and measure their programs.


West's Health Advocate Solutions makes healthcare easier for over 12,000 organizations and their employees and members nationwide. Our solutions leverage a unique combination of personalized, compassionate support from healthcare experts using powerful predictive data analytics and a proprietary technology platform to engage members in their health and well-being.


Jiff is an enterprise health benefits platform that helps companies reduce their health care costs. Jiff brings together the best of digital health technology and services in a beautifully-designed, data-driven platform that allows employers to deliver personalized benefit programs for each employee.

Mobile Health

Mobile Health is a platform that allows companies to implement on-demand cost-control strategies while driving employee engagement. Employers can target "at-risk" populations in a HIPAA compliant manner, while employees receive with personalized communication, education, and health alerts to the devices they use most such as smartphones, tablets, web, or smart watch.

Rally Health

Rally Health℠ is a leading developer of intuitive, data-driven solutions for consumer health engagement. Rally provides users with the right information and supporting tools, through an engaging interface that is both personalized and relevant so that they can begin making cost-effective, healthier decisions and ultimately take ownership of their health.



Data Analytics

Artemis Health

Artemis Health makes it easy for employers to put their benefits data to work. The Artemis Platform is more than just another data warehouse. It's a set of tools (we call them "apps") that helps employers identify problems in their benefits data, find solutions, track solutions, and share their results.

Cedar Gate Technologies

Cedar Gate Technologies is a value-based care performance management analytics company that provides clients with a proprietary actuarial and prescriptive analytic platform that can increase revenues by 40-60%, improve medical loss ratios by 10-15%, and enables them to model, forecast and manage the performance of any type of risk-based contract.


Springbuk is a health intelligence platform empowering employers to improve their population's health and contain claims costs. Our software allows employers and their health ecosystem stakeholders to operate from the same system of record. This allows everyone to make smarter decisions regarding the health of their employee population.

Health Literacy


MedEncentive's award-winning, mobile-enabled program, improves health and lowers costs. Its patented process engages patients in advancing health literacy, the strongest determinate of health and cost. Tested repeatedly, the program has been proven to improve medication adherence, lower hospitalizations and ER visits, and produce a significant ROI.



Health Plan & Benefit Administration

Collective Health

Collective Health is creating the health insurance experience we all want and deserve. Our complete health insurance solution replaces the complex, process driven world of health benefits with one product that simplifies and improves every aspect of how companies take care of their people.

Stride Health

Stride Health provides health and financial well-being to large employer populations that have historically been benefits-ineligible. Stride mitigates the disparity between workforce tiers by protecting part timers' health and income streams, driving workforce retention and maximizing take-home pay, all at no incremental cost to employers.

High Performance Networks/Centers of Excellence


For more than 20 years, CareCentrix has been dedicated to making the home the center of patient care. We work with our clients to manage the services, therapies, and resources that enable patients to heal and age at home. We are the largest national player in the home care and post-acute market.

Carrum Health

Carrum Health is the next generation Center of Excellence solution connecting Self-insured Employers directly with top providers through its award-winning Bundled Payment cloud. By using Carrum, employers realize 30-40% cost savings on expensive surgeries while employees gain access to top quality providers with zero cost and full care-concierge support.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds Summit guides patients to the highest quality and most appropriate care, through a time-tested quantitative approach to assessing physician quality. A combination of self-service tools, predictive modeling, plan integration and hands-on support helps deliver 5x utilization and annual savings of 5-7% to employers that deploy Summit.



Lifestyle and Condition Management

Better Therapeutics

Gain Life

Gain Life's programs help individuals unlock intrinsic motivation, which allows them to change behaviors holding them back from the lives they want.

Hello Heart

Hello Heart is the only clinically-validated mobile therapeutic for hypertension and heart risk. It's a "go-to" mobile solution for all of your health data that helps you build healthy tracking habits of blood pressure, weight and drugs. Hello Heart helps you understand your condition and improve your health, in real-time.

Jool Health

The first, personal, digital life coach that delivers Precision Well-being™. Founded by Dr. Vic Strecher, JOOL combines the science of purpose, sophisticated mobile & web technologies and big data analytics to help employers improve health outcomes, engagement, and organizational performance.

Kurbo Health

Kurbo Health is the only proven mobile-based health coaching program that empowers kids and families to learn better eating habits, exercise and take control of their weight. Kurbo Health is based on 30 years of clinical nutrition and behavioral modification research from the Pediatric Weight Control Program at Stanford University.

Intuity Medical

Intuity's POGO® Automatic™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the first blood glucose meter and multi-test cartridge to provide automatic testing with lancing, blood collection and analysis in one easy step without the need for separate strips and lancets. By combining all of the necessary blood glucose testing supplies into a self-contained 10-test cartridge, POGO provides a convenient and discreet solution for millions of patients who need to regularly test their blood glucose in the management of their diabetes. POGO is complimented by Intuity's proprietary software platform - the Patterns® Personal Wellness System - which is a secure, HIPAA compliant mobile (iOS and Android) app and web portal that provides important personalized and actionable glucose trending data for the patient.



With LifeDojo's 12-week physical & mental health programs, employees choose from 32 unique health habits, dozens of online tools and several health coaches to create their own wellbeing program. The result? A grassroots wellbeing movement, resulting in 45% of employees sticking with their new health habits 180+ days after launch.

Livongo Health

Livongo is a consumer digital health company reinventing the way that chronic conditions are managed. Livongo's mission is to empower people with chronic conditions to live better, starting with diabetes.

Vida Health

Vida Health offers a HIPAA-compliant, mobile app that leverages personalized health coaches to manage and prevent chronic conditions from diabetes to depression. With tailored guidance via video, phone, text, and customized curriculum from top medical institutions, Vida helps Fortune 1000 employers and payers achieve positive health outcomes and reduced healthcare spend.

Virta Health

Founded by experienced scientists, Virta develops and delivers clinically proven, individualized therapies to restore metabolic health in chronic disease patients.

Vivante Health

Vivante Health is a care management company whose mission is to fill the unmet needs of people living with chronic digestive diseases. Vivante fills this gap with a science-based clinical, therapeutic nutrition, and medication optimization program that reduces symptoms, specialty drug use and costs, and improves empowerment and workplace absenteeism.



Maternity & Fertility Solutions


Cleo is on a mission to help expecting and new parents succeed at work and at home. Cleo's app pairs intelligent personalization technology with a global network of certified care practitioners to guide expecting parents on their journey from pregnancy to parenthood and back to work again.


Maven is the digital clinic for women and families with a mission to advance women in the workforce and make it easier for working parents to start and grow a family. Maven's cutting-edge parental management platform, Maven Maternity, provides clinical programming for everything from infertility to pregnancy to return-to-work to help companies reduce maternity-related costs and retain top millennial talent.

Ovia Health

Reaching over 5 million moms worldwide, Ovia is the leading fertility, pregnancy, and parenting digital health platform that uses data science to provide personalized insights into female and family health.


Progyny combines data and science to provide the first end-to-end, proactive fertility solution for both large, self-insured employers, as well as today's informed consumer looking to increase their success rate and time to pregnancy, while reducing costs. Progyny's proprietary approach offers members and individuals SMART (Science and Member-driven Advanced Reproductive Technology) Cycle treatment plans that start with egg or embryo freezing, include embryo screening to reduce miscarriage and provide for single embryo transfer (SET).

Musculoskeletal Solutions

Hinge Health

Hinge Health delivers evidence-based care for musculoskeletal disorders, such as chronic back and knee pain, via 12-week, remotely delivered, coach-led digital care pathways. Through education, sensor-enabled exercise therapy, and behavioral health, we reduce chronic pain by >50% and avoid more than half of surgeries.


Physera is modernizing musculoskeletal care through convenient access to top providers and personalized treatment.


SimpleTherapy is a musculoskeletal pain recovery program that's 100% online and can be done at home, on any device, before and after work hours. This cost-saving substitute for physical therapy enables employees to self-manage pain recovery with fully personalized, video-guided exercise therapy that adapts to each users' unique needs.



Pharmacy Solutions

Assurex Health

Assurex Health is a precision medicine company whose GeneSight® test helps healthcare providers get their patients on the right mental health or pain medication faster. It uses a patient's genetic information to identify which medications are optimal and which may not work or may cause side effects.


InterVRx is a new technology and care management company focused on monitoring and improving the complex care of patients utilizing specialty drugs. Our mission is to improve the quality of care and clinical outcomes associated with specialty drug therapies, while reducing healthcare costs through the prevention of potentially serious and costly medical and drug adverse events..


MyMeds is the leading cloud-based medication adherence platform (web and mobile) that integrates PBM data, security, analytics, and care management with an excellent user experience. MyMeds partners with your PBM/health plan to protect your investment in employee health, particularly for the growing trend of expensive specialty medicines.

US-Rx Care

US-Rx Care provides "Fiduciary Pharmacy Benefits Risk Management" services to self-funded employers and health insurance plans covering over 4 million lives throughout the US. We have delivered over $150mm in annual savings to our clients, and can work alongside a client's PBM to significantly lower cost for both specialty and non-specialty prescriptions or replace incumbent PBMs with our own Fiduciary Risk Management programs.


Vivio Health

VIVIO Health is a specialty drug management company providing better outcomes at significantly lower costs. We use clinical trial and other data to make high cost drugs available based on real world effectiveness and individual patient needs, not an arbitrary formulary, saving 20-30% on current spend.



Provider Tools


HealthReveal is a clinical AI company dedicated to improving outcomes and quality of life for the chronically ill. By bridging each patient's information with the latest medical guidelines, we predict individual patient health risks and disease progression, and prescribe individualized treatment interventions to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

Second Opinion Services


2nd.MD connects people with the world's leading medical specialists via video, text or call, regardless of location. Our network of expert doctors provides members with the information and confidence they need to make the best healthcare decisions for them and their families. 2nd.MD brings the top doctors directly to you.

Sleep Solutions


As the world's first digital medicine company, Big Health automates behavioral medicine programs, thereby making them scalable, accessible and consistent. Big Health's first product, Sleepio, is a digital sleep improvement program featuring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, clinically proven to help overcome even long term poor sleep without pills.

SleepCharge by Fusion Health

SleepCharge has helped thousands on their path towards better sleep. Driven by a mission to improve the sleep health of American workers and their families, SleepCharge provides a more convenient, comfortable and effective alternative to the traditional doctor's office and sleep laboratory experience.



Telehealth/Virtual Care


Our mission is to make primary care more accessible and affordable, inspiring early and frequent use and leading to better health and cost-of-care savings. The 98point6 service delivers private, text-based primary care right to a patient's smartphone—accessible from wherever they happen to be (at home, on the bus, at work).

Transparency Solutions

Healthcare Bluebook

Bluebook's sole purpose: Protect patients by exposing the truth and empowering choice. We do this by providing an easy to implement and use quality and cost transparency solution, giving employees and organizations everything they need to be more effective healthcare consumers.